Nazi Crimes on Trial
'Dachau Trials'
Trials by U.S. Army Courts in Europe 1945 - 1948

File Number: US291
Review Date:
Case Number:
000-50-2-8 (US vs Jacob Au et al)
Crime Category:
War Crimes, NS-Crimes in Detainment Centers

Au, Jacob - not tried
Bergler, Wilhelm - Acquittal
Beyer, Hans Fritz - 1 Year 6 Months
Bruhn, Richard - 1 Year 6 Months
Buehler, Hermann - Acquittal
Dreher, Adolf - Acquittal
Ganschow, Otto - 1 Year 6 Months
Grisse, Albert - 1 Year 6 Months
Intermediate Military Government Court at Dachau, Germany 461029-461030
Country where the crime had been committed:
Crime Location:
KL Dachau, KL Landsberg, KL Kaufering, KL Bleichbach (satellite camps KL Dachau)
Crime Date:
Prisoners, POW's
Detainment Center Staff KL Dachau, KL Landsberg, KL Kaufering, KL Bleichbach
Subject of the proceeding:
Performing guard duties in the KL, as well as during the evacuation marches from KL Auschwitz to KL Kaufering (June 1944) and from KL Kaufering to Koenigsdorf (23-29 April 1945) and Ludwigsfeld (24 April 1945) thereby participating in the subjection of POW's and civilian nationals of nations at war with Germany to cruelties and mistreatment