justiz und ns-verbrechen / nazi crimes on trial

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national socialist homicidal crimes



This web-site presents a systematic survey of:
1) the more than 900 Nazi trial cases conducted in West Germany since 1945, as well as of
2) the more than 900 Nazi trial cases conducted in East Germany since 1945, including the so-called Rehabilitation trials.

The site contains a brief description of the subject matter of each of these trial cases, which can be accessed by way of a number of entries. The information you find here is based on the collection of postwar trial judgments, published in two separate multi-volume documentation series entitled
 Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
(the West German judgments) and DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen (the East German judgments).

Online edition: www.junsv.nl

In addition to the overview of the German trials, we have added a similar survey of the postwar trials held in the Netherlands against German and Austrian nationals for committing Nazi crimes during the occupation period (German text only; click here).
Also on this site is an overview of the so-called Dachau Trials (English text only; click here).

Translation of the database
Since the documents themselves (i.e. the trial judgments) are in German, the original database, which we first published on this web-site some 15 years ago, was also in the German language. A growing number of visitors from non-German speaking countries, however, have pointed out to us that it would be a great help to have an English translation of the site for students who do not read German. After some hesitation, because of the enormous amount of extra work involved, we decided to comply with this request. The reason for this is mainly that we realized that the collection of data provided on this site has grown into a documentation source of its own. Thus, the site provides informative and detailed information on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the way in which the German judiciaries in both East and West addressed the issue of Nazi crimes during the past decades. It lists the defendants of the trials, the sentences passed, the courts involved, the countries in which the crimes were committed, the locations where these crimes took place, the crime dates and the perpetrator institutions that carried them out, as well as the victims and their nationalities, etc.
Since this kind of information might be of interest not only to scholars and specialists in the field, but also to others, such as university and high-school students all over the world, many of whom have little or no knowledge of German, we have decided to include an English version as well.

Out of practical considerations, a number of terms have remained untranslated. These include the designations of the various German courts and many of the specific names of the German agencies involved in the perpetration of the crimes. Many of these German terms are commonly used in English textbooks on the subject and are thus familiar to the average interested reader. An approximate translation of the lesser known terms can be found in the glossary and list of abbreviations. Also excluded from translation for practical reasons were the German geographical names of crime locations, such as, 'Warschau', 'Köln', and so on.

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* The West German trial judgments as published in the series Justiz und NS-Verbrechen are limited to crimes of a homicidal nature ('Tötungsverbrechen'), committed during the period of the war. The East German trial judgments as published in the series DDR-Justiz und NS-Verbrechen also only concern homicidal crimes, but these include the ones committed before 1 September 1939.