justiz und ns-verbrechen / nazi crimes on trial

german trial judgments concerning national socialist homicidal crimes



Single copies of trial judgments

Copies of West and East German trial judgments can be ordered individually and will be made available as PDF-documents.
Please send your orders under reference to the case number you're interested in (→ Trials Overview)   to:

Ex Post Facto Productions (E-Mail: junsv@expostfacto.nl).

All published trial judgments of the selected case number will be included in your order.
Of case nrs. 1 - 616 (published between 1968 and 1981) copies will be distributed from the revised second - electronic - edition (2011) with updated footnotes.

This E-Service is intended for academic researchers, university students, journalists and other interested individuals, who wish to obtain single copies of these trial judments for private study. Distribution or publication of the documents delivered  is not permitted in any form whatsoever without prior consent in writing of the copyright owner: the Foundation for the Study of National-Socialist Crimes, Amsterdam (contact information: Redaktion JuNSV ).

Please note that all judgments are in the original German language.

Please also take note of the fact that there exists no automatic and immediate right on the fulfillment of your order. The Foundation responsible for the publication of the East and West German trial judgment series will make every effort to meet with your request. Since the e-documents will have to be produced on an individual basis, constraints in terms of staff and time available will have to be taken into consideration, however.
Prices (25 Euro per case) are based on the amount of time involved for preparation of the files (regardless of the number of pages of the judgments).

For example: Das Urteil des OG der DDR gegen Dr. Hans Josef Maria Globke


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