Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.394
Crime Category: Denunciation
K., Samuel 8 Years
LG Deggendorf 540301
BGH 541005
Country where the crime was committed: Germany
Crime Location: HS KL Sachsenhausen
Crime Date: 44
Victims: Prisoners
Nationality: German
Agency: Detainment Center Staff KL Sachsenhausen
Subject of the proceeding: Denunciation of a great many fellow inmates for alleged illegal activities within the concentration camp, by the camp's elder ('Lagerältesten'), who was active as chief informer of an investigative commission of the Gestapo. Some of the denounced persons were tortured and all were shot on orders of the Reichsführer SS

Published in Justiz und NS-Verbrechen Vol. XII


The court decision(s) of this case can be found in the printed volumes of the series or (on-line) here.