Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.501
Crime Category: Euthanasia
Sch., Dr.med. Walter Judgment largely annulled, after which the defendant was considered medically unfit to stand trial
LG München I 600510
LG München I 481116
OLG München 491123
BGH 601206
Country where the crime was committed: Germany
Crime Location: München
Crime Date: 40-4211
Victims: Mentally Disabled
Nationality: German
Agency: Civil Administration Ministry of the Interior Bavaria
Subject of the proceeding: Ordering the transfer of mentally disabled patients from HuPA Erlangen and Kutzenberg to Hartheim, where the patients were subsequently gassed. Expansion of the 'children's ward' of HuPa Eglfing-Haar in which incurably mentally ill children were killed through the administration of Luminal. Ordering to diminish the food rations for mentally disabled patients who didn't work. They died as a consequence of malnutrition

Not published as the verdict never became final