Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.573
Crime Category: Mass Extermination Crimes by Einsatzgruppen, War Crimes
Schönemann, Werner 6 Years
LG Köln 640512
Country where the crime was committed: Poland, Belarus
Crime Location: Bialystok, Borissow, Krupki, Lahoisk, Slonim, Smolewitsche, Zembin
Crime Date: 4106-4109
Victims: Jews, Prisoners, Prisoners of War, Civilians
Nationality: Polish, Soviet
Agency: Einsatzgruppen EK8
Subject of the proceeding: Shooting of many hundreds of Jewish men, women and children as well as of communist officials and Soviet POW's during the first three months of the military campaign against the Soviet Union, by a sub-unit of Einsatzkommando 8 on its marching route from Bialystok, via Slonim and Minsk, to Borissow

Published in Justiz und NS-Verbrechen Vol. XX


The court decision(s) of this case can be found in the printed volumes of the series or (on-line) here.

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