Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.593
Crime Category: Other Mass Extermination Crimes
Sehmisch, Richard Arno 4½ Years
Weißmann, Robert Philipp 7 Years
LG Freiburg/Brsg 650625
Country where the crime was committed: Poland
Crime Location: Jordanow, Kroszienko, Nowy Targ, Szczawnica, Zakopane
Crime Date: 42-43
Victims: Jews
Nationality: Polish, Soviet
Agency: Police Sipo Zakopane, Sipo Szczawnica
Subject of the proceeding: Deportation and mass and single shootings of Jewish men, women and children in the course of several 'resettlement operations' in the district area of Nowy Targ. Mass shootings of Jewish forced laborers and prison inmates at the Jewish cemetery of Nowy Targ. Shootings because of violations against the decree on residential restrictions for Jews in the Generalgouvernement

Published in Justiz und NS-Verbrechen Vol. XXI


The court decision(s) of this case can be found in the printed volumes of the series or (on-line) here.

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