Justiz und NS-Verbrechen
Nazi Crimes on Trial

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Case Nr.625
Crime Category: NS-Crimes in Detainment Centers, Final Phase Crimes, War Crimes
Hofmann, Franz Josef Acquittal
Kru., Stefan Acquittal
Schn., Helmut Acquittal
Wur., Eugen Acquittal
LG Hechingen 660318
BGH 670718
Country where the crime was committed: Germany, Estonia, France
Crime Location: HS KL Bisingen, HS KL Dautmergen, HS KL Neckargerach, HS KL Markirch, HS KL Schörzingen, HS KL Schömberg, HS KL Spaichingen, HS KL Vaivara, HS KL Vivikoni II, HS KL Ereda, HS KL Narwa, HS KL Lagedi, on the road from KL Narwa to KL Ereda, on the road from KL Spaichingen to Oberschwaben
Crime Date: 43-45
Victims: Jews, Prisoners, Gypsies, Prisoners of War
Nationality: Estonian, Soviet, Polish, German, Czech, Lithuanian, Italian, French, unknown
Agency: Detainment Center Staff KL Bisingen, KL Dautmergen, KL Markirch, KL Neckarelz, KL Neckargerach, KL Schörzingen, KL Schömberg, KL Spaichingen, KL Vaivara, KL Vivikoni II
Subject of the proceeding: Killing of prisoners by trampling, slaying, strangling, shooting, hanging and drowning, as well as in the course of selections. Execution of escaped prisoners who had been caught again. Executions on orders of the RSHA. Killings during evacuation marches

Published in Justiz und NS-Verbrechen Vol. XXIII


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